Grandma Hahn's Clock

Grandma Hahn's Old Clock

This clock belonged to my grandmother, Augusta Hadamek Hahn. I remember as a young child seeing it on a shelf in her dining room, and wondering at the marvelous intricacies of its design.

When Grandma fell ill, in about 1944, Aunt Mary Hamala and Aunt Annie Henkes were the two daughters who lovingly took her into their homes and attended to her needs. She died in 1945 at Aunt Annie’s house, which at that time was on FM-1095, across the road from the National Hall in El Maton.

After Grandma's death, her clock descended to her youngest daughter Mary, who held it until her death in 2002.

Grandma's clock now resides in the competent hands of my cousin Mary Louise, Aunt Mary's youngest daughter, who says it still keeps good time. (Mary Louise graciously snapped this photo at my request.)

~ Laverne Hahn Wiles 2015/03/27