MetaLark Head

"Eastern Meadowlark"
Image courtesy of Christopher M Goldade
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Grandma Hahn's Clock

Aunt Mary Hamala inherited her mother's old gingerbread kitchen clock, and passed it down to her own daughter, Mary Louise. The clock is still in good working order. (2015/02/15)

HomePlace Southern Elevation

The Hahn HomePlace was completed about 1929, using wood and bricks from the crumbling old hotel that was situated on the property when Louis Hahn and Auguste Hadamek bought it.

Homeplace by Mildred Hahn

My mother Mildred Hahn painted this picture of the Hahn homeplace from memory. She misremembered a few details, and took advantage of artist's license on others, but captured the essence of the little house on the Tres Palacios River, El Maton, Texas. ~ Click the picture for details.

Steppingstone Verse
Simon at the HomePlace

Matthew's dog Simon—the smartest dog ever—died in 2014. He could open the screen door and scoot inside before the door slammed on his tail. When walking on the beach, he could fetch his master a cold beer from strangers' coolers, and they always laughingly forgave him this diverting trick. We all loved him dearly.

Matt & Julius on Tractor

Matthew's grandpa introduced him to the childhood pleasures of country life—driving the tractor, going on hayrides, hiding between the bales in the hay barn, sitting around a bonfire at night, listening to the coyotes howl upriver. Now Matt passes on these joys to his own daughter and nephews and nieces.

The Pink Bowl

"The Pink Bowl" was treasured by Exie Collins Wiles all the days of her life. ~ Click the picture to read the story.

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